Treating the cause of pain, not just the symptom! - You know more about your body than anyone else!

"Pain is the body's way of telling us "something is wrong in the body, and is asking for action to make it better"

" A pain-free active lifestyle is not only possible, it is the way you should expect to feel and live" 

   ~Pete Egoscue, founder of the Egoscue Method
Receive a FREE 60 minute postural evaluation! 

Hello, I am Marc Ouellet, Postural Alignment Specialist. (Egoscue University) I  am currently working throughout the San Bernardino Mountain Communities in California. In order to facilitate a comfortable and familiar surrounding for my clients, I can come to your home directly or arrange for on-line SKYPE appointments based on your schedule and preference.

The results from Postural Alignment Therapy are remarkable. This method is a very effective program for muscle and joint pain without the use of drugs, surgery or manipulation. The process involves a series of gentle stretches called E-cises designed specifically for each client. The E-cises reverse poor muscle memory and strengthen specific muscles to bring the body back to its proper alignment and functioning the way it was designed to be “Pain-Free”!

The Egoscue Method has been around since 1971 and has helped so many thousands of individuals from young children to centurions. This method provides simple and effective pain relief for many ailments, such as head and neck pain, back and sciatica, herniated disks, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel, knee and hip pain, arthritis and and many other forms of joint pain. 

I take into consideration, your gait (how you walk), your standing posture, and the results of some very specific functional tests.  These will help me determine along with you, the client, what e-cises are essential to your unique postural deviations and compensations. 

Each session is one-on-one in a private setting and based on the goals you want to achieve, we will create an individual and unique set of gentle e-cises. If the name Egoscue is foreign to you, research the Egoscue Method on-line or go to for detailed information.
Ctrl and click  on this link for some examples of  a few e-cises you can do while working at the office or at home
The commitment comes from you! Getting into bad posture has taken years.  It takes time to unravel the pretzel...our bodies....but it is achievable! Becoming Pain Free is not only achievable, it is your birthright!
You know more about your body than anyone else!!
In the last 40 years, there has been a 95% success rate using this method. Check out the THERAPY OPTIONS & PRICING link on the left side of the page for more information. Initial phone consultation is free!!

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